_Note: The DM for this campaign is Arkdelta, Olamina25 is merely the game secretary. _

The game takes place in the swampy Korashii Region of the Orlean Continent.


There were three great Empires in the history of the world.

The first was the Empire of Sargon, a Changling from a tribe of nomadic planes dwelling horsemen (all Changlings/Dopplegangers) who forged an empire uniting the many races of the land and driving out the dragons, who were, up till that point, the undisputed masters of all they surveyed. With the union of many races came the unions of their various technologies, (for instance, Dwarven Stonemasonry and Metallurgy, Elven naturalism and herbalism, Eladrin magic and planar knowledge, Hobgoblin military techniques and physical fitness regimes, Changling animal domestication and horseback archery, Shadar-Kai anatomy, science, and espionage, Human mathematics, papyrus, government, and irrigation, and many others). This led to an unprecedented leap in prosperity and civilization. There are many who exist today who see this as the great glory days of civilization.

The Second Empire happened in a far away desert, having only a minor influence on the Eastern Orlean continent (the setting of our game). It was formed by the Dragonborn and their close allies, the Djinn and was an age of wonders and enlightenment. Alchemy and magic flourished, and they created such miracles as vast flying countries and cities made out of solid mirages whose very consistency could change at the whim of those who inhabited it. It was a paradise of advancement, of philosophy, art, technology and magic, and it was during this time that the Warforged were created. For most, it remains as mystery as to why this Empire fell, but its end was sudden, and unexpected by the populous.

The Third Empire was the Erudai Empire, who mastered the very nature of reality, surpassed the Gods in power, and were on their way to achieving godhood of each of their citizens themselves, when they were violently overthrown by a mysterious group of warriors whose origins are unknown, but whose terrible powers, are the stuff of legends. The Erudai left powerful massive artifacts strewn across the land, called Megaliths, and even the shattered Megaliths have created the strange geological phenomenon known as “Spell Shards” which pop up in the land and can be accessed by anyone with the prerequisite knowledge to create interesting effects, sometimes of great utility in cultivation of cities or in battle, or sometimes with disastrous consequences when unleashed by those without the foresight to analyze their effects.

The Ashworth-Sides Campaign