Available Player Backgrounds

Daggerport: You wear black and dark green, the symbols of your city-state, a place you have immense pride in. You talk and swagger like a pirate, but your city-state is famous for hunting pirates. You believe in freedom, distrust law, and have the resolve of heroes. This is the land of sailors, entrepreneurs, and daring swashbucklers. Your city carries the Mark of Storms (see Feats).

Dal’Myyr: Erudai for “Crown of the Myyr.” This city lies upon a river delta. You come from the most prosperous city in the world where all work together to help each other, Raksasha and Human, Eladrin and Githzerai, Orc and Dwarf, all side by side (but don’t expect them to be so helpful to foreigners). Your city, the city of harmony, is surrounded by an all pervasive effect that brings to it prosperity and unity unmatched in the world. As a result, the rest of the world seems sub-par. Your country produces the best mages and swordmages in the world, and carries the Mark of Warding (see Feats). The most common race in Dal’Myyr is the Genasi. Players with this background may select the Akanul Background (from Faerun), granting them elemental resistance, or the Freeport background (from Faerun), granting them the ability to assist others with greater facility.

Dal’Raynier: The Fey City of the Northern Planes, a land of unmatched beauty said to be so sublime that it changes the lives of everyone who sees it. Only the Fey races are allowed to set foot on this hallowed ground of the Fey Queen. Your city bears the Mark of Scribing, and those who wield it are called “Poets,” and have the power to change the world with their words. Bards are the most common class for adventurer’s from here.

Talmech: The fortress of gears, always under attack by some power or another, the Dwarves and Gnomes of Talmech are resourceful and militaristic. Part of the Myyr Gulf Alliance (alongside Daggerport, Dal’Myyr, and the Merfolk city of Windreef). This city possesses the Mark of Making (see Feats).

Ebongate: This is the city where much, if not all, of the campaign will be taking place. The “gateway to Korashii,” a trade city where much of the money in Korashii flows. Its population is a hodgepodge of monstrous humanoids ranging from Gnolls to Drow, and everything in-between. The major houses and foreign interests are constantly vying for power in this city. A stream of immigrants has created a large population of poor, second-class citizens. Players from here may select backgrounds appropriate for a city of thieves, as the lower class is filled with cutthroats and pick-pockets.

Ravenspire: The ancient seat of power in the Korashii Region. The creatures who live here are extremely powerful, and Paragon Tier heroes would find themselves hard pressed to defeat even the lowest level street guards here. Ravenspire is wary of Ebongate’s swiftly rising influence. This city possesses the Mark of Shadows (see Feats). Players from here may select the Raven’s Shield background (select the Akanul background from Faerun and replace Fire, Cold, and Thunder with Psychic, Radiant, and Necrotic).

Available Player Backgrounds

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