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The Marks: powerful feats based on forming a harmony between yourself and an Erudai principle described in their ‘Grammaton’ a complex system that describes their understanding of the universe. A number of cities are attuned to these Feats, and those who have lived in any of those cities may take said Feat.

Knights: Knights are divided into Orders, which can be identified by their Heraldry. The first Knights were formed by Hobgoblins who created a strict feudal cast system in the chaos that reigned during the fall of Sargon’s Empire. Their goal is to maintain order and work towards the restoration of Sargon’s Empire. Some are exceptionally brutal in this pursuit, conquering terrains once held by the Empire and forcing all the people there to obey their rules.

Tieflings: Tieflings are humans, often with a bit of orcish and elven blood, whose ancestors made pacts with Infernal powers. They are descended from the Southern Legion of Sargon’s Empire who, during the fall of said Empire, travelled further south, into what is now known as the Korashii Region and settled there, far from the turmoil and civil strife plaguing the central regions during the collapse.

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