Short, lanky white-scaled, frilled Psionically-Gifted lizard people who are intelligent and possess a keen eye for patterns. Wary of everything they encounter, a typical Tlizz romance story always includes a scene where one of the lovers douses the other in holy water to make sure they aren’t a shapeshifter. Their first reaction to anything good happening is “Its probably a trap.” Despite their somewhat bleak attitude, of all the races, they lean the most heavily towards Good. A common saying is “In the end, no matter how great you are, or how much you plan, the universe will probably screw you over. Live your life in such a way that, when that happens, you can say ‘oh well, at least I had good intentions.’ Being extremely practical, and leaning towards Good, they most commonly use weapons that also double as farm or construction implements, such as Scythes, Hammers, or Sickles, because if they’re going to go the trouble of enchanting something, it better damn well be useful in both peace-time and war-time.

Stats: +2 Int, +2 Wis

Tlizz Resolve: Gain a +1 bonus to Will Defense and a +2 bonus to saving throws against Charm and Fear effects.

Racial Power: (they are like Psionic Genasi, having a list of powers to chose from, but since I don’t have that list in front of me, you’ll have to get just the one I remember)

Psychokinetic Rebound: * Immediate Interrupt * Encounter * Trigger: An enemy deals damage to you or an adjacent ally is damaged.
  • Effect: Decrease the damage the attack deals by 3 (6 at Paragon Tier, 9 at Epic Tier), and deal 3 (6 at paragon tier, 9 at epic tier) damage to any creature within 5 squares. The damage dealt is the same type as the damage you prevented.

Racial Feats

Enhanced Rebound: You prevent an additional 2 damage, and deal an additional 2 damage.

Psychokinetic Prism: The damage you deal with your Psycokinetic Rebound is of any type.


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